Just a few quick steps so that you can be ready for the P3 Parent Workshop:

You are almost done!

The ONLY way you can access the signature “Practice Polish Perform” 5-day (+1 BONUS day) Workshop for Parents of Performers is to join our Private Facebook Group!

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Let's get your child started performing under pressure with ease!

Check your email for an important Welcome Email from Vocal Coach Christina regarding the signature “Practice Polish Perform” Workshop for Parents of Performers!  *If you don’t see the email, check your promo/spam/junk folders.

Follow the four steps below to ensure you get the most out of your 5 Day (+1 Bonus day) P3 Parent Workshop so that you can hand your child the missing piece to the performing arts training puzzle TODAY!


Step 1:


The Practice Polish Perform Community is where you’ll gain access to the 5 days of FREE live trainings (+1 Bonus Day!) We will also have BONUS giveaways that will only take place within this group.

It’s a Growing Community and we’re just getting started!

Plus, you will be able to connect with other Parents who are tired of leaving performances and auditions up to chance and are ready to help their child make 2023 some of the best performances ever!

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Step 2:


I know life is busy, but this Parent Workshop has the potential to shift the entire future of your child’s performing arts career. Do everything you can NOW to clear your schedule. Set reminders so you don’t miss one minute of this 5 Day (+1 Bonus day) life changing P3 Parent Workshop! Set alarms each day leading up to the start date on December 5th. Write a reminder and put it on your fridge and block off your calendar for 1 hour every day from Dec 5th, 2022 to Dec 10th, 2022 at 12PM CST!

Step 3:


On December 4,  look for an email with your Practice Polish Perform “Proven Method for Training Your Child To Perform Under Pressure With Ease” Workbook!

At that time, you will be able to download and print your workbook so that you can follow along, jot down notes, internalize the information and then TAKE ACTION on everything Vocal Coach Christina will be giving you during this signature P3 Parent Workshop!

Image of the cover of the 5-Day Parent of Aspiring Singers Workshop Workbook.

Step 4:


December 12, Monday

7:00-7:45 PM CST

Where: Zoom

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EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY: For those of you wanting to accelerate your child’s progress, I have a special VIP offer I’d like to share with you. Spaces are limited.

“BACKSTAGE MASTERCLASS with VOCAL COACH CHRISTINA” exclusively for the child performers of the Parents who are participating in this signature “Practice Polish Perform” Parent Workshop!

On Day 4 of our P3 Parent Workshop, I am publicly opening the FREE signup for this VIP BACKSTAGE ACCESS for youth. Spaces are Limited and I will close the signup once those spaces are filled. But YOU can go ahead and sign your child up NOW for FREE on this Page Only! Remember, once spaces are filled, I close the sign-up.

Register Your Child Here Today!

Cost: FREE (a $120 value)

When: Dec 12, Monday, 7:00 – 7:45 PM CST

Where: Zoom – Details will be emailed, remember to check your promo and spam folders if you don’t see email in your inbox.

Pictured: Vocal/Acting student, EMERY, will be joining Vocal Coach Christina during the Backstage Masterclass to demonstrate some of the techniques Coach Christina will be teaching your child! Grab your child’s FREE ticket while there are still spots open!

Graphic of the Backstage Masterclass Ticket.
*By submitting this form, you are acknowledging that you are above the age of 18 and give legal consent for your child to participate in this online, live class. You are also giving consent for any pictures or videos of your child that are captured during this class to be used by Christina Walker's Vocal Performance Studio, LLC and you release any and all rights to pictures or videos of this class.
*By submitting your phone number, you are giving consent to receive SMS text messages from P3 concerning this event and other P3 events. Third-party data and message fees may apply. You can opt-out at any time.

Step 5:


Imagine being the answer to someone’s biggest pain point about their child’s future. You know what it’s like to want your child to be proud of their performances and yet you’ve watched them walk off stage and out of audition rooms crushed. It does not feel good. You likely know some parents in the performing arts scene who feel the same way.

Give them this life-changing gift worth $1200 by inviting them to sign up for the signature “Practice Polish Perform” Parent Workshop today!

YOU might be the one to help lead them to the answer they have been searching for. Make a list of who you want to help and send them to the website below!”

“It’s so much more than just a performance.”

-Vocal Coach Christina


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Copyright 2022 Practice Polish Perform®
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