🎤Performing Arts Mindset must take over when you step on stage

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🧩When it’s time to enter the stage or the audition room, the practice is over and your performing arts mindset takes over. Now is not the time to tighten up notes, fix steps, lock in lyrics, review lines or develop a positive self-perception…that opportunity is over. 

The work that could be done is done. Now it’s time for all the practice and rehearsals to convert on stage, under pressure.

You’ve got this…right?

Well, that depends.

What does it depend on? Your success will be determined by whether or not you can convert your practice and training to your live performance / audition.

What determines your “practice-to-stage” conversion?

It’s a performing arts skill that I call: Performing Arts Mindset.

What is performing arts mindset?

My definition: The mindset a performer uses when they are under the pressure of a performance or an audition, this includes the mindset used during pre-performance, peak-performance and post-performance moments.

Performing Arts Mindset will determine your ability to use your skills and techniques when you are under the pressure of a performance or an audition.

Your performing arts mindset might be very weak…it might not be trained at all. Or, you might have developed some form of a stronger performing arts mindset.

Every performer has a performing arts mindset. Some performer’s are very weak in this skill and some are a little stronger. Alll performers need to train the skill of performing arts mindset.

The great news?! It can be trained and I’d love to help!

How? Join me in The Road To The Stage, a 4-part video workshop for youth performers that will train your performing arts mindset!

And…if you are not a youth performer, adult performers can learn from this workshop as well!

It’s time to stop allowing your performances and auditions to be left up to “chance” because you have no idea if you will be able to handle the pressure of the moment.

Go to www.theroadtothestage.com.

🧩”It’s so much more than just a performance!”

Pictured: Vocal/Acting Student: EMERY, an excellent performer under pressure