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"7 Mistakes Parents Make That Add Pressure To Their Child's Auditions and Performances"

For: Parents of Youth Performers

Vocal Student Madeline Hurst

Madeline Hurst

Vocal Student, age 16

"Through Vocal Coach Christina's training and daughter, Madeline, went from being a 9-year-old who was afraid to sing in front of anyone, to a teenager who is now singing in front of audiences of hundreds and sometimes thousands! So blessed to have found Vocal Coach Christina!"

In This Free Download, I’ll Show You:

Common Innocent Mistakes Parents Make

Things You Are Saying

...might be making your child's performance much more stressful! You don't mean to add stress, but you likely are. Let me help you!

Attire Your Child Is Wearing

...might be playing a much bigger role in distracting them than you think. It's amazing how small details can become big distractions. Let me tell you why!

Rewards You Are Offering

...might be adding on the performance pressure. You're trying to motivate them, but it can backfire if not done correctly.

Pre-Performance Routines you have one? There are things your child should do, and things they should not do before a performance.

and more…

Hi! I’m Christina Walker,

I’ve been a Vocal Performance Coach for 21 years. I work with Singers, Actors and Speakers to fine-tune their vocal performance skills so they can execute at high-levels when under performance pressure. I’m also a mom of 4 teenagers.

This checklist of “7 Common Mistakes Parents Make” is responsible for helping parents begin to identify where they might be adding Performance Pressure to their child singer. Just like an adult can experience compounded pressure during “big” moments, your child can too.

Without this quick list, you might keep making the same simple mistakes and continue to add pressure to your child performer. After all the lessons, practice, and preparation for a performance, don’t leave out the important step of helping your child manage their performance pressure.

With this list, you can eliminate at least 7 mistakes that create extra pressure for your child and begin to develop a process that helps them train for Performance Pressure. This will allow your child to actually convert all those skills that you know they can do, on stage and under pressure, when it matters most!

Behind the Scenes with you,

Vocal Coach Christina,

“It’s so much more than just a performance.”

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