The stage you perform on BEFORE you perform.

Vocal Student Madeline Hurst

Madeline Hurst

Vocal Student, age 16

"Through Vocal Coach Christina's training and daughter, Madeline, went from being a 9-year-old who was afraid to sing in front of anyone, to a teenager who is now singing in front of audiences of hundreds and sometimes thousands! So blessed to have found Vocal Coach Christina!"

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There is a missing piece in the
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The Program
The Missing Piece

The P3 Program


The Missing Piece

8 Week Mastery Coaching Program for youth performers

Singers, Actors Dancers & Instrumentalists

Must perform under pressure

Nerves hit, no matter how good someone is. It’s important to know that being nervous does not mean that a performer has stage fright or performance anxiety. If a performer prepares their mindset and techniques for the fact that nerves will hit before a performance, then their true talent can show up on stage. But, most performers do not prepare for the nerves. They walk off stage or out of an audition knowing that their talent was better than the performance they just gave. They were missing a piece in their training and it showed.

PRACTICE-POLISH-PERFORM® uses Vocal Coach Christina’s signature P3 METHOD to train youth performers how to prepare for performance nerves. Performing under pressure is a skill that must be trained. This skill is often the deciding factor that determines whether or not a performer lands the lead role, becomes the principal dancer, wins the first chair or nails their callback and is cast in a film. At high levels, small distinctions become the determining factor. Performance Pressure Mastery is a skill that gives performers the edge they are likely missing, because this skill is not being trained well in the performing arts. 

Youth performers must…

Think & Practice

a specific way so that when they are 

Performing or Auditioning

and feeling the pressure of nerves

They can still perform at a mastery level.

Practice Polish Perform trains this

8-Week Mastery Coaching Program for Youth Performers

Vocal Coach Christina

helps youth performers

Excel Under Pressure Using

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Image of how the Practice. Polish. Perform. portal looks on a tablet and phone


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