Amyah in a red jacket holding a microphone and singing.

Amyah V.

Vocal Performance Student, age 17

"Working with Vocal Coach Christina was so fun and comfortable. I always felt I could be myself and she always helped me reach my full potential. I’ve learned so much on stage and about myself as I worked with her lessons and teachings. Not only is she passionate about her job, but you feel how much she loves and wants the best in her students. I’ll always be so thankful for the love and care she provided me."

Vocal performance student, Lily


Vocal Performance Student, Age 17

“Working with Coach Christina, my daughter achieved her goal by auditioning for and landing a spot in the elite Madrigal Choir at her high school. Not only did Coach Christina help my daughter succeed in that big audition, but her virtual training has produced lasting effects. Whether it be opening night jitters or preparing for a new audition, every virtual minute with Coach Christina is worth the investment!”

Headshot of Emery

Emery Dunham

Vocal + Acting Student, age 10

"Coach Christina is one of the most passionate and professional vocal coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only does she pour her heart into her students, she also supports and guides the student’s parents to navigate the world of the performing arts. I feel blessed to have my daughter as a part of her vocal studio and have seen tremendous growth since we began working with her. I cannot wait to see where the future takes my daughter as she is guided by Coach Christina’s expertise and passion for the performing arts."

Vocal Student Madeline Hurst

Madeline Hurst

Vocal Student, age 16

"Through Vocal Coach Christina's training and guidance...my daughter, Madeline, went from being a 9-year-old who was afraid to sing in front of anyone, to a teenager who is now singing in front of audiences of hundreds and sometimes thousands! So blessed to have found Vocal Coach Christina!"

Vocal performance student, Kayla, singing


Vocal Performance Student, Age 18

"I am grateful because this amazing woman not only trains Kayla vocally, but she pours into her life's principles as well…She encourages and uplifts her genuinely...Thank you Vocal Coach Christina for all you have done! Kayla is truly growing as a young woman and vocalist and I am grateful and thankful for your contribution. Your passion, skill and insight has unlocked the artistry in Kayla!

Vocal Coach Christina with student Norah after Norah's recital.


Vocal Performance Student, age 7

"Norah has adored her lessons with Vocal Coach Christina! Coach Christina has not only improved Norah's vocal abilities but her performance anxiety as well. When we started, Norah was scared to perform in front of people and now she performs regularly and without anxiety. Coach Christina has been the ideal teacher for Norah. She has taken musical concepts and made them into games and maintained the high energy and positivity necessary to teach a 7 year old. She has made herself entirely available for me as a parent and is willing to pivot lesson plans when Norah has upcoming performances or audition materials to learn. Christina has coached Norah on all aspects of her musical theater auditions. It is the holistic approach that Norah needed. We are so grateful for Vocal Coach Christina and the growth that Norah has made!"

Vocal Coach Christina with Student Payton


Vocal & Acting Student

"Thank you again so much. I asked Payton how she felt about today’s audition recording and she said, “I feel like Coach Christina takes away ALL the pressure of doing an audition and makes it so easy to just do it.”

Vocal Performance Student Kili


Vocal Performance Student

"Christina’s vocal performance coaching has proven an invaluable tool for my daughter! Kili was equipped with not only vocal technique, but a positive mindset to pursue musical theater. The ability to attend virtual lessons is key for scheduling and consistency.”

Christina and Lyric hugging after a recital.


Vocal Performance Student, age 13

"I needed a powerhouse vocal performance coach, but one who could coach my daughter with gentle guidance and in an encouraging atmosphere. I found that in Coach Christina! Every session, Christina creates an individualized training experience and taps into my daughter’s learning style in order to develop her singing talent! Christina can speak, coach, compose, train, inspire…she’s an amazing find.”



“Coach Christina is more than a vocal coach, she is a wonderful human with a beautiful heart. She surpassed all my expectations. In addition to advancing my daughter's technical skills, Kya had some breakthroughs in mindset and confidence! Coach Christina is called to do what she does.”



Vocal & Acting Student, age 14

“Coach Christina-I wanted to let you know that I read over all your notes right before my audition and it helped a lot! I feel so confident that I killed it!!! The casting director asked me to stay after and sing again and she had tears in her eyes. I don’t know what I would do without your help and guidance. Thanks so much!”

Vocal Performance Student Amyah

Amyah V.

Vocal Performance Student, age 17

"What a blessing it was to see Amyah work with Vocal Coach Christina. The growth and strength in her voice from the lessons was mind blowing! She also gained so much confidence within herself and in her stage presence. Amyah is now the Youth Worship Leader at our church and I can’t say thank you enough for Christina seeing and believing in her and in her anointing."