Hi, I’m Vocal Coach Christina! I’ve been a Private Vocal Performance Coach for over 20 years. I work with Singers, Actors and Speakers to fine-tune their vocal techniques and performance mindset so that they can execute their skills at high-levels when under pressure. I’m also a Speaker, Educator, Songwriter, Author, and Mom of 4.

Why did I create Practice Polish Perform?

I’m now in my third decade of Private Vocal Coaching and have identified a consistent, massive problem in a majority of performers’ training. The problem? The ability to perform under pressure and still deliver a polished performance or audition that accurately displays the performer’s talent and skill, even when nervous.

As student after student, of all ages, would come to me for help…I would solve this problem. I solved it by using a method I developed, called The P3 Method. Soon, they began to deliver completely different auditions and performances under pressure.

Fast forward several years…

I am constantly being asked to train this skill, this missing piece, but my time is limited. I can only take a small amount of private students, but performers need this skill trained! It is a missing piece in the Performing Arts training puzzle and so many need what I daily give my private students.

And this is why I created Practice Polish Perform®. I am thrilled to present to you a coaching program that trains performance pressure mindset and practice techniques for youth ages 10-18!

It took some creativity, but this is not a pre-recorded coaching program where members never interact with me. There are pre-recorded Coaching Sessions, but I also meet my P3 Members personally, they receive personal feedback from me and I conduct their Masterclasses and emcee their Live Virtual performances…that can have an audience of up to 100 people.

Why youth?

Vocal Performance Student: Kayla, Age: 18
“...Your passion, skill and insight has unlocked the artistry in Kayla! Thank you!” ~ Kasey Powers (Kayla’s mom)

I have a soft spot in my heart for youth and the parents who are helping them. I am a mom of 4 teenagers and I know what it is like to search for something that can help your child reach their full potential…and that also has a positive, encouraging and clean environment. I know what it is like to feel frustrated with my options because nothing seems to actually work or solve the problem that I need solved.

And, if one can learn this skill when they are young, it has a massive impact on their development as a performer and as a person! I enjoy working with youth and love watching their acquired skill sets, that we’ve worked on together, carry them into their professional careers. It’s so rewarding!

Did I ever deal with performance pressure hurdles?

Absolutely. When I was pursuing my Music Education Degree at Carson-Newman University, I quickly found out that when it came time to perform, my nerves betrayed me.

My hours of practice meant nothing when under pressure. It was embarrassing and I almost changed career paths.

I had a choice, figure it out or drop out of the Program.

I figured it out and by my third year I wasn’t caving under pressure anymore.

Here are just a few results of what happened in college after I learned HOW to perform under pressure:

  • I won the Music Department’s coveted Pressor Scholar Scholarship Award
  • I landed the featured Handel’s Messiah Mezzo-Soprano Soloist spot in CNU’s Mass Choir & Symphony Accompanied production
  • I co-won the CNU Singer-Songwriter Competition
  • I graduated Summa Cum Laude of the CNU Class of 2000.


Vocal & Acting Student, age 14

“Coach Christina-I wanted to let you know that I read over all your notes right before my audition and it helped a lot! I feel so confident that I killed it!!! The casting director asked me to stay after and sing again and she had tears in her eyes. I don’t know what I would do without your help and guidance. Thanks so much!”

Have you done anything other than vocal coaching?

Definitely…And I feel that the combination of all that I have been involved in has given me a very unique skill-set! It has also created a rare perspective of performance pressure. This perspective plays a huge role in The P3 Method. I also believe my background of experiences is why The P3 Method is so effective in training youth.

Here is just a brief look at my background…Raised as a Missionary Kid in Taiwan, I learned the value of hard work, perseverance, faith, and effective communication. I’ve been involved in many projects. Just a few of my favorites…

I wrote and directed It’s Your Drama, an educational, entertaining and interactive teen event experience (wrapped in theater theory) that involved dance, spoken word, music and teaching…all of which were based on a book I authored as a non-profit initiative titled, “It’s Your Drama.”

I wrote and produced Armed and Dangerous, a live 5-hour interactive children’s church program consisting of original music, dance, spoken word, breakout groups and immersive experiences.

I trained children’s ministry leaders in South Africa on my original Kidz Kickin It curriculum, teaching Bible verses through creative movement and rhythmic spoken word.

I have emceed numerous events, including being the featured emcee at The Intelligent Millionaires Network of Dallas events. Some keynote speakers at events I’ve emceed have been: Actor/Writer/Producer/CEO, Tommy Habeeb, Super Bowl Champion/Pro Football Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys, Drew Pearson, among others…

I have been featured on live radio, television, podcasts and on stage in multiple countries. I have even shared the stage with celebrities such as John Travolta, 50 Cent and Calvin Klein.

And now, I’m the CEO of Practice Polish Perform®, an online performing arts coaching program that trains youth, ages 10-18, on performance pressure mindset and practice techniques, using The P3 Method, so they can deliver polished performances under pressure.

Join me-let’s shift the performing arts scene!