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Practice Polish Perform® is an 8-Week Mastery Coaching program for Youth Performers, where they learn to excel under pressure by training performing arts mindset so they can convert their Singing, Acting, Dancing, Instrumental and performing skills to the stage, even when the nerves hit! Coaching videos, downloads, Masterclass instruction and Performance preparation are accessed through the Practice Polish Perform® online membership training portal.

Performance nerves are normal. Yet, most performers never train for the fact that they will feel nervous. They CAN train for this fact! As they are standing in the wings waiting to enter stage, or outside an audition room waiting for their name to be called, the adrenaline hits and the nerves kick in.

This feeling should rarely be labeled as stage fright because feeling nervous is not stage fright. The normal rush of adrenaline creates a wave of nerves. This wave can be strong or light, but and a performer needs to have trained their performing arts mindset to be ready for that wave. If they have not trained their performing arts mindset, no matter how prepared they are, their performance or audition will be below standard for them and that is never the goal! 

When you enroll your child in The P3 Program, they join the P3 Performing Arts Community and get “backstage access” to the P3 membership training portal! The portal is divided into easy-to-follow weeks and loaded with coaching videos, coaching note downloads and other coaching tools, all designed and taught by Vocal Coach Christina, who is the premier performing arts mindset coach. 

All P3 coaching materials are created to help youth performers practice the skill of Performance Pressure Mindset and Performance Pressure Practice techniques…using Vocal Coach Christina’s signature P3 Method!

Practice Polish Perform® will help youth performers deliver performance and auditions at a much higher level!

The P3 Masterclasses (Weeks 3&7), P3 Gallery Stage Performances (Weeks 4&8)…and other group events are Live and take place via Zoom with the P3 member’s assigned group. Remember, these groups are filled with P3 members who are also learning to perform under pressure in a supportive environment!

As a parent, you will receive support via the Private Facebook group created exclusively for the parents of currently enrolled P3 Members…and, don’t forget Bonus #3 -“Just For Parents” that has some amazing helpful tools Vocal Coach Christina has created just for the Parent of Performers!

Vocal Coach Christina with student Norah after Norah's recital.

Norah Nunes On Broadway Tour

Vocal Performance Student, age 7 Starred as YOUNG ANNA in the BROADWAY North American Tour of Disney's FROZEN

"Norah has adored her lessons with Vocal Coach Christina! Coach Christina has not only improved Norah's vocal abilities but her performance anxiety as well. When we started, Norah was scared to perform in front of people and now she performs regularly and without anxiety. Coach Christina has been the ideal teacher for Norah. She has taken musical concepts and made them into games and maintained the high energy and positivity necessary to teach a 7 year old. She has made herself entirely available for me as a parent and is willing to pivot lesson plans when Norah has upcoming performances or audition materials to learn. Christina has coached Norah on all aspects of her musical theater auditions. It is the holistic approach that Norah needed. We are so grateful for Vocal Coach Christina and the growth that Norah has made!"

When You Become A P3 Member

You will be coached by the premier Performing Arts Mindset Coach!

Join the movement of Parents and Performers who are tired of leaving performances up to chance

Vocal performance student, Kayla, singing


Vocal Performance Student, Age 18

“I could not have done it without your help and your skill or the time you’ve invested into me. I appreciate you so much for taking me out of my comfort zone and just helping me grow as a person…I have grown so much since the very first time we worked together and I can hear the difference in my voice and I feel the difference in my confidence. You have helped me understand that my voice is a one-of-a-kind instrument. Thank you for being patient with me. Much love and respect to you.”

Practice Polish Perform®

Where youth performers train Performing Arts Mindset

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P3 Parent Members receive a dedicated section in The P3 Portal! You also receive private access to a Closed Facebook Group where you can interact with Vocal Coach Christina during your child’s 8-Week Program. 

Your Bonus Parent Section includes Parent of Performer Mindset Coaching within the private P3 Parent Member group AND Weekly Outlines to guide you through the 8-Week P3 Program easily!


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Train your Vocal Technique!

Each Week of the P3 Program…1 New Vocal Exercise Coaching Video loaded into the P3 Member’s Portal.

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Vocal performance student, Lily


Vocal Performance Student, Age 17

“Working with Coach Christina, my daughter achieved her goal by auditioning for and landing a spot in the elite Madrigal Choir at her high school. Not only did Coach Christina help my daughter succeed in that big audition, but her virtual training has produced lasting effects. Whether it be opening night jitters or preparing for a new audition, every virtual minute with Coach Christina is worth the investment!”

Picture of Christina Walker on a stage wearing a pink dress

How many times have I heard, “At home she will sing so free and animated…but then she stands there at her audition and is a completely different person. My mom heart just breaks because I know she is capable of so much more.”

You might be experiencing the exact same scene in your home.

Or, how about this, “He had his song down perfectly. I listened to him practice it over and over and it was so good! Then, it was his turn on stage and it was like he just froze. He got through it…but stumbled around with his notes, had to restart and there was no emotion…I felt so bad for him.”

Sound familiar?

Parents, performing under pressure is a skill. It doesn’t just happen. It has to be trained. And being nervous does not mean your child has Stage Fright. There are very few who are naturally gifted at performing under pressure while they are nervous, but the majority have to train this skill. And, like any skill, it can be trained!

P3 is the missing piece in the performing arts training puzzle. Let me help you.

Vocal Coach Christina
“It’s so much more than just a performance.”

Join the movement of Parents and Performers who are tired of leaving performances up to chance because of nerves