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🧩When I was pursuing my Music Education degree, I realized that nerves affected me in a brand new way…and it wasn’t a good way. There was something about performing in front of music department faculty, staff and music major peers, that made the nerves almost overwhelming to me.

I had no idea that there was a specific mindset and mentality that the performing arts required in order to be successful…and I had not developed it.

My performances were below my standards…way below, and my vocal quality was compromised.

It was very frustrating because I knew my talent, but I was not producing that in live performances when in the collegiate setting.

I hated the feeling and the results I was getting.

I knew I would either have to drop out of the program or figure out how to perform under pressure and be excellent.

I started looking for help with how to control the pressure feeling and how prepare for the inevitable rush of nerves that happened before auditions and performance.

I couldn’t find anything other than very basic suggestions. So I began a journey of figuring it out on my own.

It became a top priority of mine. I knew if I could learn how to perform under pressure, even when I felt nervous, that I could start landing solos and becoming successful in the program.

It was a journey and it wasn’t always pretty. But after about two years, I was controlling the pressure and it wasn’t controlling me.

I have a lot to share about what I learned about performing arts mindset and mentality.

🛵I have a list of original Mindset Power Phrases I use in my coaching, here’s one of them: “I control the performance, it does not control me.”

Use this to start helping you “drive your thoughts.”

Start saying that to yourself, not just on the day of the performance or audition, but from the moment you find out about it.

Plant the seeds early, so they have time to grow before you start feeling the effects of the pressure.

Because, you will likely feel nerves and when you do, you can cave in or you can remind yourself that, “I control the performance, it does not control me.”

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