🎤Why Performing Arts Mindset is everything as you take the stage

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🧩Your performing arts mindset can make or break your future in the performing arts…and your mindset is being built with every thought that you have about your upcoming stage moment.

From the second you find out about a performance or an audition, your “thought-engine” turns on and you begin traveling the road to the stage. With every minute that passes, you’re getting closer to your performance.

It could be 6 months from now.

It could be a callback that you just found out about…and it’s tomorrow.

However far away that audition or performance is, your brilliant brain is already deciding how stressful or exciting that performance is going to be for you.

The thoughts you allow to stay in your mind-space are going to matter!


Each thought is helping your brain decide if this upcoming audition or performance is going to be a high-stress experience or a low-stress experience.

And that matters because it will affect how nervous you feel. This is one reason that your performing arts mindset is everything when it’s time to perform. I’m sure you have experienced how nerves can change your performance. 

For example, have you had this thought before? “What if I forget my lyrics…my lines…my notes…my steps?”

That is a common thought as anyone preps for a performance!

But it has a negative feeling attached to it. Doesn’t it?

🛵Say this with me, “I am the driver of my thoughts.”

Yes, you are. YOU can steer your thoughts in a positive direction.

Try this. When you have that thought: “What if I forget my…,” drive that thought in a different direction by saying, “I won’t forget my lyrics…lines…notes…steps because I’m prepared and I’m great under pressure.”

Now, you are driving your thoughts in the right direction and it will make a huge difference as you’re getting ready to step into that audition room or onto that stage!

You can take control of what thoughts you allow to stay in your mindspace as you are moving towards your performance date! You’re the driver. You’re in charge.

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