🎤Prepare Your Mindset For An Audition

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As you prepare your mind for an audition or a performance, remember this…You don’t need anyone’s permission to walk onto stage and go big. 

You don’t need anyone to give you a green light before you can bring the best version of yourself into that audition room.

What version of yourself is that?

You know the performer that you are when you’re singing by yourself in your own room, in the car, in the shower, on your own?

That’s the version.

The version you can imagine when you put on your headphones, close your eyes and see yourself being yourself…100% alive, on stage and free.

No one needs to give you a green light to be that kind of performer.

Except you.

And yet, why do you wait on someone else to tell you to go for it? Someone else to say, “You’ve got more to give than you’re giving…so give it!”

I think one reason is because you are afraid of showing your real self. When you go big and expand into a character, into a song or into a dance, you are revealing a deep part of you as a person.

And most performers are hesitant to do that.

It’s hard to do.

So if someone acknowledges that you can go bigger and that you have more in you, then it’s like you now have that internal permission slip to reveal the deeper, rawer, more emotional side of you.

But when you’re in an audition or a performance, no one is going to say that to you. They will watch you perform and they will decide about you based on what you show them in that moment.

How about you stop waiting on someone to tell you to go big. Don’t wait on someone to coach you through it. You have what it takes to reach down inside of your own heart and give yourself the green light to dig in, go deep, reach inside yourself and go big.

I know you have more in you. I know you have a performer inside of you that is just begging you to let them show up on stage. But you don’t need my permission to go big.

You need your permission. Give yourself permission to be the performer that you know you are.

We need that real, raw you to show up in the audition room. Show up prepared with your material and prepared with your mindset ready to go big and to be the real you.

Be the performer that you want to be on stage. You give yourself permission.